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Shukla UPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturer

Why uPVC ?

Low maintenance cost

uPVC windows and doors require minimal maintenance. You need not to bear the expense of regular painting and high cost maintenance in the case of uPVC windows and doors.

Weather resistant

uPVC windows and doors remain unaffected in almost all types of weathers and have great resistance against air, water, storm, strong sunlight, etc. uPVC windows and doors remain same for years even under worst weather conditions.

Cost effecting

uPVC windows are highly economical as compared with aluminum or wood windows and doors. Their cost-free maintenance and longevity make them more cost effecting against other materials.

High acoustic

uPVC windows and doors act as excellent barriers for outdoor noise and disturbing sounds, offering comfortable living and also help in maintaining the privacy by restricting the indoor sound within the room.

Thermal insulation

uPVC windows and doors have excellent thermal performance. During winters, they resist heat loss whereas in summers, they oppose heat gain.


uPVC windows and doors are available in 100% customized designs. One can get the windows or doors customized according to his/her personal needs and preferences.


uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and remain same for years. The strength served by uPVC is extra-ordinary, resulting in excellent performance over decades. These windows and doors do not rot or corrode and deliver attractive look to the structure for long.

Maximum wind resistant

These windows and doors have excellent wind resistant. These are ideal for structures that are close to sea or areas facing strong winds and heavy rain falls. uPVC windows and doors can take extreme wind pressure without being affected .

Maximum water tightness

uPVC windows and doors serve remarkable water tightness ensuring zero incoming of rain and water filing between the joints.


uPVC is Eco-friendly as it provides a smarter substitute for timber or wood which are largely used for making windows and doors resulting in huge deforestation. uPVC windows and doors can be recycled and used again.

Fire resistant

These windows and doors are fire resistant and does not support fire combustion in the case of fire accidents in difference with the timber doors and windows.

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